Tightening of the Upper Arms without Scars

Fotolia_88806211_MDue to continuous reduction of elasticity of the connective tissue caused by aging, or due to the effects of significant weight reduction, one can encounter an excessive amount of spare skin especially on the upper arms. This unfortunately appears to be strikingly evident when wearing clothes without sleeves.

Applying the technique of operative (and with brand-new laser technology as well non-operative!) skin tightening, this unattractive appearance can be favourably influenced.

It will be the task of an individual consultation to figure out which method will prove best for your needs. We would be happy to be at your disposition for such an evaluation, and we are confident to be able to hereby clarify your individual approach.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information



Duration of Hospital Stay:

1 overnight stay

Back to work:

after app. 7 days