Tummy Tuck (Tightening of the Abdominal Wall)

Leistung - Bauchdeckenstraffung

You are familiar with the problem: genetic or inherited predispositions very often can result in fatty deposits in undesired amounts in even more undesired places… They strikingly affect appearance as well as aesthetic proportions of both, men and women.

In case of female patients, following (multiple) pregnancies or a significant weight reduction, muscular structures of the abdominal wall can be stretched over their elasticity limits, and thus being worn out, sagging, and having lost their tension. Due to these effects the abdominal wall arches, and very often surplus abdominal skin is seen to be sagging over its natural borders – a very unsatisfactory perception of the patient will be the consequence, often leading to even psychological impairment. You don’t even want to show this to your partner, let alone exposing it for example at the beach.

VILLA BELLA´s team is prepared to deal with that: when tightening the abdominal wall the excessive and flabby skin below the belly button will be removed. Sometimes, if necessary, combined with the suturing of the underlying muscular structures, thus re-establishing the tonus of the abdominal wall. During this procedure, the form of the belly button can also be altered, if wanted. Finally a flat and taut abdomen reappears.

Since this is necessarily a surgical procedure, there has to be a scar. We usually place it in the area of a cesarean section, and it will be individually adapted to your preferred style of underwear and swimwear in order to achieve the best possible camouflage.

It is important to us to stress the fact, that the tightening of the abdominal wall is an operation to be taken seriously in terms of the wound area, as well as the postoperative respect you have to pay to the resulting wound healing processes. Minimizing the risk of potential complications requires an exact evaluation, preparation, stationary care (usually 3-4 days), as well as preoperative clarification and eventual elimination of individual risks. Please go ahead and bug us on all these issues!

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information



Duration of Hospital Stay:

2 nights

Back to work:

after 10-14 days