Operation/Reduction of the Male Breast

Approximately 30 to 50% of all men suffer from enlarged breasts. The so-called “gynaecomastia” (Greek: women’s breasts) represents a benign single- or double-sided enlargement of the male mammary gland, caused by either an increased storage of fatty tissue in the breast area, or, alternatively an enlargement of the more fibrous glandular tissue fraction.
Also hormonal disorders, obesity, alcohol, or medications like Cortisone or anabolic agents may cause an enlargement of the mammary gland. Gynaecomastia often starts at early stages during the natural “hormonal turbulences” in puberty.
Before deciding on an operation, an examination of the hormonal situation is highly advisable. Suitable laboratory or radiological examinations will be coordinated and performed by your family physician.

Depending on the outcome, we would most commonly advise you to undergo liposuction, e.g. PAL (power assisted liposuction). For most patients this method will satisfactory lead to desired effects with at the same time minimal invasiveness.

Only in very distinct cases an additional glandular reduction, sometimes combined with a resection of the excessive amount of skin, will prove to be necessary, whereby the scar will be positioned just on the border between the skin and the more intensively coloured nipple-areola-complex, thus camouflaging the surgical approach.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information



Duration of Hospital Stay:

1 overnight stay

Back to work:

after app. 7 days