Liposuc­tion is successfully perfor­med with someti­mes strikin­gly favoura­ble results for body contou­ring purpo­ses.

Leistung - FettabsaugungThis proce­dure is in routine clini­cal use since decades already, and it’s one of the most frequently applied aesthe­tic surgery treat­ments world­wide. One reason is, as already stres­sed, that an impres­sive change of the body´s contour can be achie­ved whereby scars appear very tiny and nearly invisi­ble.

Fatty depots can be distri­bu­ted all over the body — the affec­ted feels unfavour­a­bly propor­tio­ned, unsafe to the eye of the exami­ning bystan­der, someti­mes even psycho­lo­gi­cally insecure, and this often shows to the outside.

The most frequently affec­ted areas on the female body are the hips and thighs, buttocks, knees, and abdomen. More seldomly to be seen are areas of exces­sive subcu­ta­neous fat on the calves, upper arms, face and neck.

In male patients these undesi­red accumu­la­ti­ons of fat are most commonly found in the area of the abdomen, waist, breast and chin.

And, once again, we have to under­line one important thing: liposuc­tion is an opera­tion! Each person invol­ved, you as well as us, should take this seriously. It requi­res the highest level of steri­lity during the course of the opera­tion, and in addition to that the super­vi­sion of your well-being during and after the opera­tion will be perfor­med by our well experi­en­ced anesthe­sio­lo­gist.

Please consider the widespread area of subcu­ta­neous wound healing your body has to cope with after the opera­tion, and be sure to plan ahead a suita­ble time frame for recovery.

Your VILLA BELLA´s team knows which treat­ment will be best for you – please arrange a date with us to clarify your wishes and questi­ons.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the behol­der” William Shake­speare

General Infor­ma­tion


General or a combi­na­tion of Local Anaes­the­sia with Analgo-Sedation

Duration of Hospi­tal Stay:

1 overnight stay

Back to work:

after app. 5–7 days