Does your buttocks appear to be too flat?

Not only very petite patients wonder if this is the case.

Interestingly this proves to be a major concern for male patients who otherwise appear in a well trained muscular shape. A flat buttock appears unfavourably broad, thus afflicting the proportion in an area where men and women pay a lot of attention to. However, by deploying specially formed buttock implants, comparable in style and material to silicone implants of the breast 46182659_mand therefore well established and secure, this contour can favourably be influenced.

A desirable “apple-shaped” buttock can be the result.

Eventually sagging skin will be “filled” again from below, thus creating a more vital, more sportive and “simply sexy” feeling.

We would be glad to be at your disposition for a noncommittal consultation.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information



Duration of Hospital Stay:

1 Overnight Stay

Back to work:

after about 7 days