Aren’t you looking for a smoother, tighter facial appearance while still looking naturally?

  • Laser treatment – no visible incisions
  • Revolutionary new procedure, has already proven very successful in the US, following FDA approval
  • Will let you appear 8-10 years younger, without having to tolerate the risks of a traditional surgical procedure like scars, haematoma, hair loss, or facial nerve impairment
  • Decisively less expensive, compared to a conventional operation


The combination of a TotalResurfacingLaser with a fractional Erbium:YAG-Laser, put together into the SCITON CONTOUR Laser Platform System, is tremendously successful applied in North America for quite some years already. Wrinkles and creases, dyspigmentation marks, facial tightening – it deals with a wide range of indications.

After more than 100 treated patients, we know that this revolutionary laser system can effectively replace an operative facelift in the majority of patients that were formerly asking for facial tightening.

As the country’s first and exclusive provider of this procedure, we will further on function as the National Study and Training Center for an ongoing scientific evaluation of the technique, as well as for training purposes for medical personnel intending to install the procedure. We would like to see this as a further proof of the technological advantage we are proud to put at your service.

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„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

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Back to work:

depends greatly on which area is being treated with what intensity. 3-10 days