Wrink­les are a natural compo­nent of human life

They arise due to changes amongst the diffe­rent skin layers. The upper skin layer grows thinner and loses its water storage capacity. The connec­tive tissue below starts shrin­king, which finally ends up in wrinkle forma­tion.

Unfort­u­na­tely, wrink­les not neces­s­a­rily under­line person’s indivi­dua­lity. Very often a person’s “felt” age does not equal to the “objec­tive” age of the skin. Wrink­les can simply make a face look older.

In our days fortu­na­tely it’s no God-given law to accept these signs of aging. Even with nonope­ra­tive treat­ment methods, there are possi­bi­li­ties to effec­tively rejuve­nate the skin.


This expres­sion tries to circum­scribe methods taking care of decele­ra­ting or even stopping the biolo­gi­cal process of the aging of the skin.

Today we can identify multi­ple, someti­mes amazing impro­ve­ments in the area of nonope­ra­tive techni­ques, the so-called “non-surgi­cals”. There are skills, techni­ques, pharmaceu­ti­cals, cosme­ceu­ti­cals, and an enhan­ced knowledge about cosme­tics and nutri­tion at our dispo­sal which we would like to intro­duce to you. Also, we would appre­ciate to make them available to you, if you desire to do so.

Wrink­les – Beauty as an Expres­sion

Wrink­les – nature’s traces of experi­ence, spirit and expres­sion – they repre­sent the indivi­dual perso­na­lity and charac­ter. However, when we criti­cally observe oursel­ves in a mirror, there are some “bad guys” giving us a tired and exhaus­ted appearance.

As each human being is diffe­rent, a precise analy­sis for each person is neces­sary as only this would allow a focused therapy.

The follo­wing range of methods depicts a variety of anti-wrinkle treat­ments:

  • Neuro­to­xin / Muscle relaxer
    This pharmaceu­ti­cal agent is the world­wide most frequently used anti-wrinkle treat­ment. Its security and relia­bi­lity in experi­en­ced hands is famous. The pharme­ceu­ti­cal agent works for face wrink­les caused by constric­ted muscles, e.g. forehead creases, furrows, eye wrink­les, decol­le­tée, and other parts. Thera­peu­ti­cally, by this method of treat­ment tension heada­che and migraine can also be eased. The treat­ment should be repea­ted after appx. 4 to 6 months in order to create consis­tent results.
  • Wrinkle Treat­ment by Injec­tion with Hyalu­ro­nic Acid
    Hyalu­ro­nic acid is a low-risk body fluid compo­nent. In fact, it’s a poly-sugar molecule used for stabi­li­zing diffe­rent layers of the skin and the connec­tive tissue under­ly­ing the skin surface. Body fat can also be harve­s­ted from elsewhere on the body, and be injec­ted below the skin, remai­ning there perma­nently. This proce­dure is called “Lipotransfer”.Since this is fatty tissue taken from your own body, there will be no rejec­tion, as well as a durable result and a high degree of biolo­gi­cal accep­tance.

Take a look at the diffe­rent treat­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties we are offering in this area. Based on an indivi­dua­li­zed assess­ment, we can also indivi­du­ally outline, discuss, and create oppor­tu­ni­ties, advisa­ble techni­ques, chances or risks.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the behol­der” William Shake­speare

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