Breast Reduction and Breast Lift

36731540_mBreast Reduction

Breast reduction can prove to be necessary even in the case of young women. Heavy and sometimes oversized breasts unfortunately often are responsible for severe backaches and painful muscular tension. Those heavy and excessively big breasts can cause both psychological and bodily tortures.

Depending on your breast type and situation there are different techniques you can benefit from: while lifting or streamlining the breast, only the skin and not the gland and fatty tissue is reduced. In addition to that the position of the nipple-areola-complex will be moved up, back to where it came from.

During a breast reduction the heavy and voluminous breast tissue will also be reduced and additionally the breast will be moved up and streamlined as described above.

All forms of operative treatments for this purpose leave a scar around the reduced and transferred nipple-areola-complex, stretching vertically from there down to the lower breast crease. Unfortunately, health insurance companies do see their responsibility to reimburse you for this correction in less and less cases. In general, from their side it’s mostly not regarded as a medical necessity…

Due to medical reasons breast reduction will only be operated in an in-patient fashion. We would be happy to inform you about the most advisable technique during a non-committal consultation.

Breast Lift

Depending on age, following pregnancy/-ies, or after having undergone decisive weight changes, the fatty tissue as one of the breast components vanishes and the breast, especially following repeated periods of breast feeding, starts sagging.

With close regard to the individual situation there are different operative techniques which can be applied. Addressing one commonly asked question of our patients, one has to state that the pectoralis muscle below the breast can be stimulated and trained. However, this muscle does not influence the appearance of the breast. On the contrary: the form of the breast almost exclusively depends on the consistency of your skin and the tissue of the mammary gland itself. A well-trained and voluminous muscle unfortunately exposes a sagging, badly filled breast even more.

When the breast tissue is still present in a decent amount, and it only appears to be a little bit flabby, restructuring of the breast contour can be achieved by application of a breast implant, leaving nearly no scars. For details please refer to chapter “Breast Enlargement”. Due to your individual setting, a breast lift can be conducted. Additionally, but not necessarily, this can be combined with a breast implant. Depending on the quantity of breast tissue, elasticity of skin and consideration of the desired cup size in many cases one can refrain from inserting an implant.

The individual and optimal approach of breast correction will be discussed with you individually. During this consultation we will be happy to introduce you to all the details and techniques.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information


General. Local with Inverted Nipples

Duration of Hospital Stay:

1 overnight stay; 2 nights in Breast Reduction; day care in Inverted Nipples

Back to work:

7 days (by the latest)