Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Tightening – The Catch Of Beauty

The eyes are the window to our soul…

27477494_mJust within a few seconds they create a remaining impression. Your looks tell, reveal, and hide. The blink of an eye can be dulled through influences like exhaustion, stress factors, smoking and sunlight.

During the aging process, the skin above and below the eye will start wearing out, the buoyancy reduces, and additional fatty tissue, especially at the lower eyelids, can lead to retracted lids and tear bag formation.

You want to freshen up your “tired view” and reattain the feeling of “good looks”, VILLA BELLA´s team will be able to introduce different possibilities, customized to your needs..

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information


local, analgo-sedation (if needed)

Duration of Hospital Stay:

upper eyelid – day carelower eyelid – 1 Overnight Stay

Back to Work:

after app. 5 days