Nobody would reason­ably consider an opera­tion as the first step of facial tightening. Especi­ally with a multi­tude of incre­asingly effec­tive non-invasive treat­ment techni­ques available.

Still: if adequate, and where neces­sary, the opera­tive approach repres­ents a well estab­lished and very effec­tive treat­ment modality.

The extent of skin tightening with the opera­tive approach still is unsur­pas­sed by any other non-invasive techni­que known to us. Moreo­ver is the durabi­lity well maintai­ned over the years, if perfor­med properly.

In addition to that, the subdi­vi­sion of the face into three so-called “aesthe­ti­cal units” (forehead, midface, and neck) enables a fine tuned and precis­ely “tailo­red” planning as well as execu­tion.

Over the years, facelift techni­ques have been refined constantly, so that we now at the same time can give you the desired results as well as a high degree of safety, while minimi­zing the risks of the opera­tion

General Infor­ma­tion

general, analgo-sedation

Duration of Hospi­tal Stay:
2 Nights

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after app. 14 days

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