Otoplasty/Ear tightening

“Flapping Ears” unfortunately indicate a mild form of bodily deviation from what we regard to be “normal”.

29092384_mNot only children but also adults can suffer from enormous and stressful psychological exposure.

“Flapping Ears” are due to the ear cartilage having grown too massively and hard, finally leading to concavity. However, it is possible to correct this excessive amount of cartilage tissue by surgically weakening and thinning it below the anterior skin surface of the ear. In experienced hands, there won´t be any visible scars. We will be happy to inform you if this could be suitable for you.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” William Shakespeare

General Information


local, analgo-sedation (if needed)

Duration of Hospital Stay:

1 Overnight Stay

Back to Work:

after app. 5 days