Otoplasty/Ear tightening

“Flapping Ears” unfort­u­na­tely indicate a mild form of bodily devia­tion from what we regard to be “normal”.

29092384_mNot only child­ren but also adults can suffer from enorm­ous and stressful psycho­lo­gi­cal exposure.

“Flapping Ears” are due to the ear carti­lage having grown too massi­vely and hard, finally leading to conca­vity. However, it is possi­ble to correct this exces­sive amount of carti­lage tissue by surgi­cally weake­ning and thinning it below the anterior skin surface of the ear. In experi­en­ced hands, there won´t be any visible scars. We will be happy to inform you if this could be suita­ble for you.

„Beauty lies in the eye of the behol­der” William Shake­speare

General Infor­ma­tion


local, analgo-sedation (if needed)

Duration of Hospi­tal Stay:

1 Overnight Stay

Back to Work:

after app. 5 days