Foto von Dr. Ludger Meyer

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

– Dr. Ludger JM Meyer MD

Ludger Meyer is a specialist for Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

Your experts

But what is beauty? And who defines it? Is your personal beauty being evaluated by an outside observer? Yes, and there can be very different observers: your partner, your friends, you yourself, we… – and who´s judgment is right? Who is finally and ultimately authorized to say: you are beautiful!? This indeed often turns out to be a little bit tricky because almost all the people being interwoven with you presume that kind of a judgement.

Honestly: very often these are subjective perceptions being related to the observer. Just as different as the persons judging you are, so widespread and different will be their judgments. Finally, you get to the point where you’ll figure out: I can’t meet the diversity of the expectations being directed to me. So, why should I even try doing so? And you are right! Because now you are where you should be if dealing with a decision concerning your appearance: be yourself.

Let us get straight: Would you feel comfortable if I, as somebody who could really influence this decision, would try to press you into my personally percepted ideal form? Certainly not. It only depends on you, only on you and again on you!

Of course it is our privilege and also our responsibility to intently listen to you, to discuss what is possible and what is not. Therefore we are happy to provide our personal professionalism as well as the professionalism of our complete team – you should by all means not look or feel like your predecessor or your successor. Our common objective shall be the refinement, the support, as well as the underlined emphasis of your individuality. For that we stand with our history, our persons and our name. And with us, our complete team. Challenge our word!