At this point you would usually expect an extended essay about sense or nonsense of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and nobody would dare telling you something different than the advantages and the safety of our specialty.

Like me myself, you certainly will know that those phrases don’t tell anything, sometimes not even the truth. In the first case they have nothing to do with why you met your personal decision to inform yourself about an operative or non-operative correction. Moreover: what makes our team at VILLA BELLA special? … and how we are going to prove it?

Dear reader, we appreciate being in the position to introduce something to you which we are very proud of:

  • Extraordinary team members, being at the same time professionalsand human beings, who carefully listen to your desires, taking this asthe basics for planning and transformation. While being courageous,open and creative like you are, our team members are simultaneouslycareful and responsible.
  • Considerations underlying experience of generations on thebasis of up to date science being discussed and decided together withyou.
  • Effective and at the same time gentle, even non-invasive technologies.
  • Rooms, characterized by elegance, openness, warmness and a flair of a real hideaway…

Mypersonal experience as well as the experience of my colleagues shalltake care of your wishes, imaginations and well-being. Each of our teammembers stands for these objectives, in their role as professionals aswell as human beings.

Part of that professionalism and opennessis the fact, that, in some cases, we have to answer „no“ to some ofyour questions or desires.
With regard to this, I may invoke the onephrase of the notably Hippocratic oath, the ethical guideline fordoctors since literally thousands of years:

My medicalregulations for your well-being and your advantage will be guided by myskill and my discretion. I will be strongly refrain from applying themunlawful or to somebody´s disadvantage.”

Words more than 2,400 years old. However, more up to date than ever.

Myteam and I are looking forward to create something for you and togetherwith you, may it be big or small. In any case: something beautiful. Wewould like to be measured and evaluated by you as our focus ofattention as well as the interpretation of the Hippocratic oath.

Welcome to the VILLA BELLA.

With my fondest regards,

Dr. Ludger JM Meyer MD
Board Certified Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon